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                             Literacy Camps
Our reading literacy summer camps for children ages 6-14 provide high adventure in our 4 interactive themed camps.  Take your imagination across the ocean or across the moat as we have a summer full of reading, fun and adventure!
Essex Center, Vermont 9am-3pm. Summer camps include going to a pool for swimming.
So Dive into Literacy!

Medieval Times: Dragons, Damsels, and Heroes
Damsels in distress, dragons and heroes are wild with adventure as they combine to make for a fun and exciting literacy theme-based camp.  Books read are based on this time period  with an emphasis on building literacy skills in reading and writing while combining them with the arts for a true humanities camp.  Enjoy a medieval dinner, real games from King Arthur's time and other surprise adventures during the last day of camp.
Folktales, Fantasy, and Mythology
Explore the folklore in your own backyard through oral and written history.  Undertake an adventure into the fantasy and mythological realms by reading stories and engaging in interactive literacy activities that bring the make-believe alive in your imagination.  Books about folklore, fairy tales, tall tales, fantasy and mythology are used in differentiated reading groups.
Pirates and Seafaring Adventures
Search the high seas for stories of scallywags and cutthroats and learn about pirate lore.  Books about pirates are utilized with strong background information about pirates to debunk myths while creating an environment rich for storytelling.  Activities include scavenger hunts for pirate treasure and pirate loot galore in combination with readers' theatre.
Whodunnit? Mysteries in Vermont
and Then Some
Stories range from Sherlock Holmes to tales of Vermont haunted sites to modern day mystery-type adventures.
Campers experience creating their own mystery theatre based on readers' theatre scripts and participate in a mystery theatre luncheon on the last day of camp.
It's Elementary - Summer's Made Fun!

Exciting summer program for at risk elementary and middle school students

Week long thematic based with lots of reading,writing, and discussion, and fun related activities
Use literature  as a door to a broader world for children who may not have had opportunities for these experiences
Engaged Learning

Core of camps lies in building literacy skills

Uses differentiated learning and guided reading groups with leveled text
Engages students in their own learning 
Build Literacy Skills

Builds fluency and comprehension

Builds basic reading skills in the areas of phonemic and phonological awareness
Develops link between reading and writing with constructive responses and responses to literature